Learn At Home

Lesson 1: The Importance of a Great Visual Dictionary

I am so happy to share the first video of our teaching series. In this video, I will be sharing some great visual dictionaries that we use in our classroom. DM me if you should have additional questions on how you can support your French learner at home.

Lesson 2: Levelled Readers

In this episode, we discussed leveled readers. If you are looking for an excellent series for your child who is new to French reading, you will want to stay tuned. Your child will have early success in reading.

Lesson 3: Introducing French Vowel Sounds

In this lesson, I demonstrate how to introduce your French learner to vowel sounds. In French, the sound and the name of the letters a,e,i,o, and u are the same. Vowels are the glue that holds our words together. Once your child learns their vowel sounds and letter sounds, they can start building small phonetic words.

If your child can already read, once they learn the new French sounds, they can start reading phonetic books in French. In our previous video, I shared a great leveled readers series we use in the classroom.

In this video, I demonstrate a three-period lesson using sandpaper letters. You can make your own sandpaper letters, or you can purchase sandpaper letters. I have included a link where you can purchase these letters using the discount code TAHIRAH.

LESSON 4: Great French Dictionaries for Children

Welcome to F4T École Montessori. In this episode, we will be looking at French dictionaries you should have at home.